what is macbook and how it developed

WWDC17, Apple on the Mac product line comprehensive update, configuration upgrades, the appearance of the same. This is the taste with the chewing wax perfunctory, or artifacts of the Nirvana? We will use three review articles to restore the most authentic MacBook, MacBook Pro and iMac.

In recent years, Apple radicals to promote the MacBook on the technical changes, from the Retina screen to the PCI-E SSD module and then to the Touch Bar, there have been media exclaimed: no one has been able to stop the footsteps of Apple’s progress. Unfortunately, although Apple broke through the Wintel system in the Win this head, but still did not bang to shake the tel-tail, whenever Intel’s new processor bounced, Apple can only demolish the old wall to fill the new wall.


The end of 2014, Intel code Broadwell’s fifth-generation Core extended listing, directly lead to the July 2014 MacBook Pro re-use the four generations of Haswell processor, until March 2015, put the original should be used in the previous year On the Broadwell, also let 2015 Pro eventually become a generation of classic. Today, the history of reproduction, released in 2016, a new generation of MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, and met the seven generations of Core Kaby Lake dystocia, Apple had embarrassed to resort to six generations of Core Skylake emergency, I estimate that Apple was the Intel to take the festival The flag has a mind.


So well-behaved users of the 2016 Pro took out the “doubt the letter, if leave” attitude. In June 2017, Apple finally announced on the WWDC Kaby Lake version of Pro listed, perhaps, this is the Touch Bar version of the original version of the original look.


Invisible secret

iPhone on behalf of the experience, let me on the first generation of Apple’s hardware is always full of vigilance, from the iPhone 4 antenna door, to the iPhone 5 out of the paint door, and then to the iPhone 6 curved door, and both are in the same design S section on the structure of the optimization. And 2016 Pro after the release, but also one after another users encountered Huaping, life and abnormal sound and other issues, although love Fan children (micro-signal: ifanr) to get the 2016 in use and did not encounter any problems, but But also on the new mold changes full of expectations


However, it is certain that: 2017 MacBook Pro die with the previous generation did not change.

In this case, those who can not see the secret is still retained, many people simply think that non-Touch Bar version is simply not installed Touch Bar this component, it is not true.


First, the non-Touchbar version of the battery capacity than the Touch Bar is bigger, you are not wrong, because the Touch Bar component itself to occupy a certain volume, so the capacity of the battery part, from the Apple official website can be seen, non-Touch Bar version of the Battery capacity of 54.5wh, while the Touch Bar version of the 49.2 wh.


Second, the non-Touch Bar version of the audio system is relatively shrinking, non-Touch Bar version only two microphones, and Touch Bar version has three, while the audio part is also smaller.

Again, non-Touch Bar version of the cooling system is relatively shrinking, non-Touch Bar version only one fan, and Touch Bar version has two, you can see the following comparison, the above for the Touch Bar version, the following picture shows no Touch Bar version



Finally, the Touch Bar version of the left and right sides of the ThunderBolt 3 interface speed is not consistent, Apple’s official technical support, clearly prompt the user, in the Touch Bar version of the model, the left side of the two ThunderBolt 3 interface can run at full speed, But the performance of the right side will be slightly lower, it is recommended that you 5K monitor or high-speed disk and other sensitive devices connected to the left, non-Touch Bar version because only two ThunderBolt 3 interface, so are full speed. This technical support document is only updated to April this year, for the 2017 models have not yet made clear instructions.


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